Ultra Precision Polishing

Zeeko polishers have been developed over a period of more than 10 years and follow a philosophy of continuous improvement. All machines are built on a universal platform that enables convex, concave, freeform and other complex geometries to be polished.

All machines can (subject to the correct selection of Software) polish any of these geometries and use raster, spiral or more complex tool-paths to achieve finishes that can be as good as 2-3 Angstrom, and form accuracies that can be as good as λ/20 P-V dependent on the material, metrology and prior condition.


All machines can perform:

  • Grolishing
  • Pre-polishing
  • Corrective polishing and finish polishing
  • Jet polishing
  • Pitch laced polishing (for finishing)
  • Smoothing
  • Spiral Tool Path
  • Raster Tool Path
  • Random Tool Path
  • Adaptive Spiral Tool Path